Film Feeders and Film

Ultrasonic welding can affect the appearance of your part. If the quality of the part’s appearance is important, a film feeder might be required to reduce imperfections. Ultrasonic welding film helps prevent marking and burning to the part. During welding, the film is positioned between the ultrasonic horn and the part acting as a protective cushion. It essentially fills in areas where the part does not perfectly align with the horn. Parts to consider adding film feeders to assembly include consumer good, medical, automotive or major appliance exterior parts, packaging and more.

At Craig Machinery, we provide both film feeders and film to support your ultrasonic welds. These orders can be additions to machines or purchased on their own. Below are the prices of individual film rolls, which are 3 mil thick and 2,000 feet long. For more on Ultrasonic Welding, click here.

Film Feeder

Part Number

Film 2-3

Film 3-3

Film 4-3

Film 6-3

Width Price

2” – $50.00

3” – $60.00

4” – $70.00

6” – $80.00