Automation Machine Videos

Craig Machinery is capable of creating a wide variety of machinery. Here is a small sample of what we can design and build. For more videos showcasing past projects, visit our YouTube channel. If you are interested in working with us, Contact us today.

Large Automation Systems

Roof Register Vent Blade Assembly

This robotic assembly machine uses three robots to assembly linkage and two side guided to the molded assembly.

Automated Molding, Heat Transfer, Inspection and Pack Out System

This robotic system unloads, decorates, perform a vision inspection on and bulk packs parts for shipping.

Console Heat Stake & Screw Machine

This machine heat stakes and drives screws into an assembly.

Automation Machines

Automotive Ultrasonic Welding & Wet-out System

This system ultrasonically welds automotive parts while performing a wet-out on tape.

Automotive Interior Latch Assembly Machine

This assembly machine combines bumper, house, latch handle, and spring together. For more information, visit our website:

Tube Welder

This ultrasonic weld station seals the end of tubes after they are filled with paste. First, the operator loads the tube at the first stations. At the next station, the tubes are ultrasonically weld, and then trimmed at the end. The cut pieces are diverted to a bin at the rear of the machine.

Trim to Bin Assembly System

This assembly machine installs a metal trim onto refrigerator bin. The system presses the trim to the bin and wets the tape.

Front & Rear Door Image Storage System

The Front & Rear Door Image Storage System collects and documents high definition images of an interior door panels before shipping.

Tabletop Machinery

Vacuum Fixtures

Vacuum fixtures assist operators on properly locating gaskets onto parts.

Tabletop Scan Welder

Tabletop Scan Welders are lightweight machinery that can weld packages of different sizes and material.