Ultrasonic Welding

Binding through Vibrations

Ultrasonic welding is the process of binding parts together through high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. Basically, vibrations causes the molecules in the plastic parts to rapidly weld together through ultrasonic energy. The piece creates a solid weld. In addition, no extra materials are required such as bolts, nails or adhesives. During the welding process, applied pressure keeps the parts together.

Depending on clients needs, the operator loads the parts, or they arrive from another station. During this time, the parts sit on fixtures to hold them still during the welding. Next, the horn engages with the parts supplying the ultrasonic energy. From there, the combined parts remove from the system by the operator, moves to the next station or is dropped off in a bin. The time to perform the welding depends on the size and shape of the parts.

Ultrasonic Welding Machine systems
Heat seeker system

Our Clients’ Parts and Ultrasonic Welding

Since Craig Machinery’s experience consists of over 50 years, we ensure the process runs smoothly and reduce the number of faults. When supplied with parts, we occasionally provide recommendations to alter the design for the best outcome. If the part welds incorrectly, the system notifies the operator about the error. If the appearance of the part is important, we recommend a protective film between the horn and the part to eliminate possible damage. To learn more about film and film feeders, click here.

Sometimes, our clients are not ready to invest in a system to mass ultrasonic weld their parts. At Craig Machinery, we possess a variety of frequency lab machines to perform ultrasonic welding on those parts. Learn more about our prototype welding or contract welding services.

Custom Machines

Our professional team creates a variety of systems for staking, spot welding, swaging or conventional ultrasonic welding.

Ultrasonic welding machine systems include:

  • Custom Sound Boxes
  • Sequencing one power supply to multiple converters
  • Mounting Ultrasonic Welding stacks to Robots
  • Multi-head systems
  • Continuous Sonics Systems
  • Dial Indexer Welding machine with added processes
  • Custom Ultrasonic Actuators
Inside a welding machine

Automation Machine Data Sheets

Six-Head Sequencing
Twelve-Head Indexer
Rotary for running different parts
Multi-Head Welding
Filling & Welding Machine
Sound Enclosure Machine
Eight-Head Shelf Welder
Big Style Sound Box
Scan Welding System
Ultrasonic Cut & Feed to length machine
Multi-Position Welding
Ultrasonic Welder with a 20-inch Reach