Robot Cells

Incorporating Robots in Automation

Since the manufacturer industry demands more speed, robot cells provide the extra boost to deliver products on time. Robot cells or workcells are any systems that includes at least one robot and controller. These robots speed up the manufacture process including moving parts, assembly, dispensing grease, packaging, and more. Some robots even perform multiple functions. Additionally, the robot cells can incorporate other automation techniques including welding, liquid fill, and leak testing. At Craig Machinery, we have extensive knowledge to design, build and program custom robotic cells to automate the process.

Robot cell

Authorized Integrator for Fanuc America

As an authorized Integrator for Fanuc America, Craig Machinery is experienced with using Fanuc robots in workcells. With over 100 models to choose from, it can be an daunting task to pick the perfect equipment. For projects, we identify which robot performs best for the application. Then, we can test, program and alter the robot for optimal results. For more on Fanuc America, click here.

Below is a Fanuc video showing one of our past projects.

FANUC Authorized System Integrator

More Cells 

Automated Molding, Heat Transfer, Inspection and Pack Out System

The robotic system unloads a molding machine, decorates the part, does a vision inspection and bulk packs the parts for shipping. This system uses two Fanuc 6-axis robots and a United Silicon Heat Transfer machine.

Console Heat Stake & Screw Machine


This robotcell uses two FANUC LR-Mate 5-axis robots with vacuum screw driver to pick up screws from the feeder bowls and drive them into the assembly.