Packaging Machines

Packing and Products

Presentation is sometimes the selling factor that get a product picked off the shelf. While many of our machines weld or assemble the parts inside, we also create systems that package products and prepare them for the shelves. These machines seal goods in their contains while avoiding damage to the item. During the design phase, our experts consider important factors like ensuring freshness and avoid tampering. In fact, our expertise extends to a wide array of industries including food and beverage, consumer goods and medical. If you need a packaging system, contact us to learn if we can help.


Clamshell Blister Packaging

Since presentation is everything, it is no surprise that clamshell blister packaging is on the rise. These clear cases provide high visibility to the consumer. The packaging contains no adhesives, heatshrink bands or staples leaving the final product with an attractive appearance. Clamshell blister packaging are perfect for the food and beverage industry for its tamper-resistant design, and Craig Machinery pioneered the machines for that type of packaging. A few years ago, we teamed up with a lettuce producer to create a packing machine. We created an application that includes high speed lettuce tub lid welders with speeds of up to 100 fpm. Now, clamshell blister packaging is the norm for the produce and baking industries.

We have experience working with polyethylene terephthalate (PET), recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials. We can also build machines for plunge welding clamshell packages for a variety of sizes and cycle times. Craig Machinery can build machinery for almost any need, from “simple load under the horn” table systems with two palm buttons to multi-welder rotary indexing machines with an auto eject system and an operator interface touch screen.


Tube and Pouch Welding

Aside from clamshell blister packaging, Craig Machinery created machines for a variety of applications including tube and pouch welding. For tube welding, a plastic tube is filled with a liquid like cream or paste. The machine ultrasonically welds the tube’s ends together. Then, it moves to the next station where a knife cutter removes the excess plastic.

Pouch Welding usually packages food products that are solids but must remain moist and fresh for the consumer. For example, we designed a machine to pouch package tuna. After the pouch is filled, an ultrasonic welder fuses the pouch together to prevent any leaking.